DR Ministry Program
In the Philippines after typhoon Haiyan

Nepal Earthquake
On April 25th 2015, Nepal was hit by the worst quake in nearly a century. Read more on EMI's efforts to help after this disaster.

EMI has mobilized Christian design professionals to respond to disasters since 1981 to provide immediate physical aid and spiritual hope to the vulnerable poor and survivors of disasters worldwide. Our unique ministry has opened the door for Christian responders to aid disaster survivors in Saipan, Japan, Honduras, Nicaragua, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Guatemala, Haiti, Chile, Kenya, South Sudan and the Philippines.
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Vision: Provide immediate physical aid and spiritual hope to the vulnerable poor and survivors of disasters worldwide.

Mission: Respond to and assess unmet needs within days of any disaster worldwide, anticipate disaster effects and provide hazard mitigation options with special-technical trained and equipped EMI assessment and design teams.

EMI's DR & DRR Capabilities
Water/Wastewater Engineers
  • Reestablish, design and install various water and wastewater systems
  • Assess and implement sanitation and hygiene initiatives
  • Design and establish clean water distribution centers
  • Design flood water mitigation solutions
  • Technical consulting on WASH programming and project implementation
Civil and Geotechnical Engineers
  • Survey hazards and provide risk mitigation recommendations for natural hazards
  • Assess slope stability and soil erosion
Structural Engineers and Architects
  • Assess damaged buildings for safe reoccupation
  • Design retrofit or repair for damaged buildings and infrastructure
  • Design structurally sound and culturally appropriate transitional shelters
  • Master plan communities and camps for displaced people Technical consulting on shelter programming and project implementation
Transportation Engineers: Design retrofits and repairs to damaged roads and bridges
Construction Managers: Oversee teams for construction of buildings and infrastructure
Surveyors: Geo-technical, topographic site surveys for development

Current Operational Capability
Our rapid response (within 96 hours of notification) is possible due to pre-established agreements with our partner/client ministries – other Christian relief ministries, advance DR staff & volunteers recruitment and special-technical training, and the commitment of these select men and women to rearrange their lifestyles to be ready to mobilize on short notice. DR staff & volunteers have proven technical expertise and crisis experience, are physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit, and complete minimum online DR training. They are ready to deploy within 2-days to 2-weeks of notification, for a period of 2-4 weeks. They receive DR ministry program updates and mobilization alerts for assessment and design teams pre-disaster Disaster Risk Reduction and post-disaster DR. More than technical consultants, EMI DR staff & volunteers are devoted to being distinctly Christian in the response to disaster.

Strategic Objectives
  • Establish relationship agreements with ministries seasoned in disaster response and transportation agencies before disasters occur.
  • Recruit, train, and equip staff & volunteers to deploy within 96 hours on DR assessment teams.
  • Quickly assess and report unmet needs in the disaster area.
  • Identify projects that meet the short- and long-term needs of the poor, reduce vulnerability to future disasters, and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  • Assemble, mobilize, and facilitate rapid DR design teams for selected projects that meet identified needs in disaster-prone areas.
  • Hand off projects to follow-on design teams or the client ministry for completion.
Organizations needing technical assistance or pre-disaster Disaster Risk Reduction and post-disaster disaster response can submit a DR-DRR Assistance Application to .

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