Other Ways to Give to EMI
EMI Foundation
We invite you to invest in the EMI Foundation as a way to under gird the long term ministry of EMI. All donation will be invested to protect the principal and the interest earned will be used to further the ministry of EMI.

If you are willing to under gird EMI in this way please contact our CEO, John Dallmann by phone or email:

719-633-2078 x 101

Stock Donations
Donating stock to EMI is a great way to serve the poorest of the poor through giving. Also, maximize your donation with less taxable income.
(see below for explanation from ECFA)

For instructions on donating stock to EMI please contact the Finance Department by phone or email:

719-633-2078 x 108

The contribution deduction for stocks and bonds held long-term (held 12 months or more), is the mean between the highest and lowest selling prices on the date of the gift where there is a market for listed securities. The contribution deduction is limited to cost for securities held short-term.

An individual taxpayer plans to make a gift of $US 50,000 to a college. To provide the capital, the taxpayer planned to sell stock that had cost $US 20,000 some years earlier yielding a long-term capital gain of $US 30,000. The taxpayer decides to donate the stock itself instead of the proceeds of its sale. The taxpayer receives a contribution deduction of $US 50,000 and the unrealized gain on the stock is not taxable. By contributing the stock, the taxpayer's taxable income is $US 30,000 less than if the stock were sold.

Leaving a legacy
Leave a legacy for EMI by including EMI in your will or estate.
For more information, contact us at (719) 633-2078.
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